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Environmentally friendly lubricants

Water base drawing lubricant

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The water based tensile lubricant developed by us is suitable for the tensile and plastic processing of stainless steel and sheet metal materials. Such as automotive, motorcycle, stainless steel utensils, enamel products and the stamping industry in the field of lighting.
The agent has the advantages of simple coating, easy cleaning, fast heat dissipation, good tensile effect, easy to crack when the workpiece is stretched, and no scratches on the workpiece surface.

Technical indicators】: 
Appearance: milky white liquid;
Specific gravity: 1.018g/cm3;
PH value: 6.5~7.5 (1% suspension);
Viscosity (4# cup method, 25):13.5 + 0.5.

Application scope】:

The agent is suitable for the lubricant in the processing of stainless steel products, and can also be used in the drawing production of other materials.

Use method】:before mixing, brush on the stamping material surface.

Specification package】:25kg/ plastic barrel, 50kg/ plastic bucket.

Storage period】:store in cool place for 18 months.

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