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Environmentally friendly lubricants

Environmental friendly lubricant for wire and cable

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This product is an excellent and practical lubricant. It is used for pulling cables at normal temperature. It is easy to use, easy to clean, free from pollution, and won't adhere to the skin and clothes. Excellent lubrication performance, can greatly reduce the cable pulling through the pipe and corner required tension.
At present, the most advanced method of laying cables in the world, most countries are using pipeline lubrication cable, so that the cable pull is safe and efficient. The normal service life of the general cable is far more than 30 years, but sometimes premature failure, 90% caused by the installation damage. Therefore, it is an effective method to use special lubricant in the design of cable conduit, which can bring considerable economic and social benefits.
Quality index】: 
Appearance: light yellow gel; smell: no odor;
Boiling point: ~100 DEG C; pH value: 7 + 0.5;
Volatile matter (V,%): less than 90; specific gravity (H2O=1):0.98 + 0.02;
Water solubility: soluble.

Use method】:

Apply the product to the surface of the cable by hand or brush. It can also be used for lubrication ducts. Wash with water and soap after use. Non adhesiveness.

Specification packaging】:

350ml/ bottle, 1000ml/ bottle, 5 gallon / barrel.

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