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Environmentally friendly lubricants

Water-based lubricant

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Water-based lubricant


Water base lubricant is made up of macromolecule polymer, lubricating material and many kinds of additives. This product is non-toxic, harmless, non flammable, non explosive, stable chemical performance, safe and environmentally friendly, and has the adhesion and high lubricity water-based preparation. The agent can be used as the base material of water-based metalworking fluid, and can be prepared into water base metal processing products with different demands. It can be widely used in the fields of cooling, cutting, lapping, rolling, stamping and drawing in order to meet the needs of forming or processing metal workpieces.
Quality index】:
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid; specific gravity: 0.98 + 0.02g/cm3;
Odor: no odor; pH value: 7 + 1; viscosity: 16 + 2MPa / s.
Add this product after the lubricant, surface active agent, extreme pressure agent, anti rust agent, antiwear agent, antiseptic, coolant, defoaming agent and other additives, can be made into different metalworking fluids, widely used for cooling, cutting, rolling, stamping and drawing etc..
Storage period】:
25kg/ plastic barrel, 50kg/ plastic bucket. Room temperature storage, the best use within 12 months.

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