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Environmentally friendly lubricants

Blowing lubricant

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Cable is the general name of optical cable, cable and other items. Cable lubricant is a kind of high efficiency and environmental protection lubricant developed by us. This product is made from a variety of non irritating and non corrosive raw materials, which is milky white thick liquid. The volatile volatile, surface lubricating material can be adhered for a long time the cable body and form a layer of lubricant film on the object (the inner wall of optical cable and pipe surface) can play a protective role, reduce friction coefficient, reduce resistance, and increase the traction transmission speed, enhance the speed of installation of the optical cable, reduce the damaged line run rate, and improve labor productivity, reduce the cost.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: milky white liquid;

Odor: no odor.

Viscosity: 160 + 10 MPa / s;

Specific gravity (25 C): 0.98 + 0.02g/cm3;

PH value: 5.5~7.5;

Application scope】:

Lubrication for blowing cable, communication cable, communication cable and power cable pipe laying lubrication.

Storage period】:plastic barrel, 25kg packaging. Store in shady and cool place. 12 months, the use of the best effect.

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