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Decontamination agent

Asphalt cleaning agent

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This product can quickly penetrate, dissolve and remove asphalt, asphalt, grease and dirt on the surface of automobile, motorcycle and alloy wheel frame. It can effectively remove dirt, clean and polish. After cleaning, the object is bright and clean. It also removes asphalt, tar, gum and graffiti on metal, leather, textiles, and rubber and plastic surfaces.

Product characteristics】:        

Easy to remove asphalt, asphalt, oil pollution, not damage the surface of the removal;
Cleared quickly and effectively;
Non corrosive.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: light yellow or colorless liquid;
Odor: no odor or fragrance;
PH value: 7.

Usage method】:

Good use of ventilation;
Spraying the product directly onto asphalt and asphalt stains, it can stay on the surface for 10~30 seconds, make it infiltration and clean with clean soft cloth, without flushing.

Specification packaging450ml/ bottles, 20L/ barrels.

Storage period】:stored below 40 degrees celsius. The validity period is 3 years.

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