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Decontamination agent

Wiping paste

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Wiping plate paste is a new product developed by us. The paste can be used with super cleaning function of laser lithography or molding process in the wiping cream, especially effective to clean plain grating version. Because it can be used in the laser molding process, thereby reducing the number of laser version cleaning, cleaning the surface of the laser version, to improve the film quality and prolong the life, has been recognized by many domestic customers.
Also can remove the printed circuit board (PCB) on the surface of the dirt, especially under high temperature treatment, do not leave stains without scratches, corrosion circuit board, safe and reliable, the effect is good.
Any kind of dirt, such as petroleum, crude oil, oil, asphalt, ink, coal ash and so on, which is difficult to be removed by ordinary detergents, can be cleaned efficiently and quickly.

Product characteristics】:

This product has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, strong detergency, no corrosion, no burning, no irritation to the skin. It is safe, convenient and environmental protection.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: pale yellow cream or creamy paste;
Odor: no odor;
Stability: stability;
PH (25, 0.1% solution):7.0 + 1.

Usage method】:

Apply a proper amount of the agent on the surface of the folded paper towel, then wipe it gently on the circuit board. Or because of the production of different industries and change the use of.

Specification packaging】:1kg/ bottle, 15 bottles / box. 1.8kg/ bottle, 5 bottles / box.

Storage period】:room temperature, sealed, placed in the shade. The shelf life is 18 months.

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