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Decontamination agent

Rust removing cleaning agent

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The rust cleaning agent developed by our company is a room temperature cleaning agent, which can remove surface oil and rust, and is suitable for surface treatment of metal processing. Its performance is stable, easy to use and quick to clean.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid; specific gravity: 1.15g/cm3; pH value: 1~3.


The agent is suitable for steel plate, wire rod, profiles and oil parts surface cleaning and rust treatment.

Usage method】:

Soak at room temperature by 1: 20 against the water after the workpiece will be cleaning soaked (Shua Xi) 1~3 minutes, timely observation, not too corrosion, if the preparation of agitation or heating to 40 to 50 DEG C (not more than 65 DEG C), it can improve work efficiency. After the workpiece is removed, rinse with clean water to remove the dirt on the surface of the workpiece before entering the next process. When the concentration of the preparation is weakened (pH > 3), the preparation should be filtered and new liquid should be used again.

Specification packaging】:20kg plastic bucket, 200kg plastic bucket.

Storage period】:avoid light, avoid high temperature, sealed, stored in the shade for 12 months.


Goggles and rubber gloves must be worn in use. If the dip splashed into the eyes, skin, immediately wash with water, then 2% sodium bicarbonate solution cleaning, treatment or free hospital.
Cleaning tank must use plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastics, acid resistant enamel or stainless steel corrosion resistant material. The agent has the advantages of simple coating, easy cleaning, fast heat dissipation, good tensile effect, easy to crack when the workpiece is stretched, and no scratches on the workpiece surface.

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