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Decontamination agent

Low foam carpet cleaner

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Carpet cleaning agent is a special carpet detergent developed according to the new environmental protection formula. The agent is suitable for cleaning carpets, tapestries and sofas.
I developed carpet cleaning agent is the use of high quality surfactants and other raw materials carefully prepared.

Product characteristics】:

The product is non-toxic, harmless, non corrosive, no environmental pollution, strong detergency, clean surface after scrubbing, such as new.

Usage method】:

This product can be diluted 20~40 times in use. The carpet cleaning agent sprayed or poured a little dirt on the carpet surface, direct brush wipe evenly, use a clean brush to wipe clean, rinse is also available.

Quality index】:

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid; detergency (%): 98;
Odor: aromatic; pH value: 7~9.

Specification packaging】:25kg/ plastic barrel.

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