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Decontamination agent

Cleaning agent for electronic printed circuit board

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The printed circuit board of electronic products is an indispensable component in the circuit board production is often stained with sweat, fingerprints, grease and flux residue, must be washed off the oil, otherwise it will affect the quality of the electronic products.
As an excellent cleaning agent for circuit boards, the following conditions should be achieved: 1. Special effects on flux cleaning; no damage to circuit boards; and no pollution to environment. The printed circuit board cleaning agent developed by me recently can meet the above requirements.

Product characteristics】:

It is safe, efficient, non-toxic, non polluting and strong cleaning. This product is suitable for cleaning PCB and printed steel mesh surface residual flux (rosin type).

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: light yellow or white powder
Odor: no odor
Detergency (%): 98
PH value (2%): 11.0-12.0

Usage method】:
The powder and water will be dissolved at 1:50 to 100 after the use, heating effect is good, but from the production safety considerations, the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.
The waste liquid after washing can adjust the pH to meet the national standard.

Specification packaging】:25kg bag.

Storage period】:stored in a cool and dry place. This product should not be exposed to air for a long time so as to avoid moisture absorption and should be sealed and preserved.

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