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Decontamination agent

Multifunctional decontamination cream

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This product is a new product developed recently. It is an efficient decontamination product made from excellent formula and high quality raw material. This product is suitable for cleaning stainless steel products, such as oven, cooker, sink, kitchenware, ceramic etc.. Can remove stubborn oil stains, such as paint, tar, stains, rust and so on.

Product characteristics】:

This product can remove all kinds of stubborn oil, grease, tar, rust and ink, and the effect is excellent.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: white or light brown paste;
Stability: good;
Odor: no odor;
The pH value was (25): 7 + 1.

Usage method】:

1,this product contains quartz sand, can use first wipe decontamination creams to clean items with friction rub, will remove stains, wipe clean with water;
2,if scrub heavy oil and burning area can be repeated scrub, and then wipe with nylon brush, and then washed with water;
3,note: the equipment before cleaning, unplug the plug; as for the fine surface, please in the small area of trial is not conspicuous; the product after use should be covered with a lid to prevent hardening of the product; after using to wash the product away from the child

Storage period】:sealed storage, placed in a cool and dry place.

Specification packaging】:1kg/ plastic barrel, 2kg/ plastic bucket.

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