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Decontamination agent

Cleaning agent for metal (industry) oil

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The metal oil cleaning agent has been listed as the national key promotion project by the State Science and technology commission. The agent can meet the requirement of high temperature cleaning of heavy oil, and can meet the requirements of medium and light oil cleaning at room temperature or low temperature. The metal oil cleaning agent is an efficient new product refined by the latest technology. It has strong oil removing ability, and is suitable for cleaning various metal or non-metal surfaces. It can replace potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid solution.

Usage method】:the cleaning agent is suitable for cleaning at normal temperature, and has better washing effect at 40-50 degrees.It is stable,hygienic,safe,easy to use and non corrosive;

Storage period】:avoid high temperature, direct sunlight, moist, sealed storage for 12 months.

Specification packaging】:200kg drum, 25kg plastic drum.

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