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Decontamination agent

Neutral oil cleaning agent [FCC-9616#]

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中性重油污清洗剂 【FCC-9616#】


Multifunctional oil cleaning agent is a new product recently developed by us. The cleaning agent is a new generation of oil cleaning agent with strong cleaning ability, no corrosion and good safety. Its cleaning power is strong, can remove a variety of difficult to remove heavy oil, the effect is good. This product is a neutral product, no harm to the skin, non-toxic, tasteless, non burning. Therefore, its safety is also one of its highlights, fully consistent with our energy conservation and environmental protection concept.

Product characteristics】:

This product is non-toxic, no water, no pungent burning cleaning agent, easy to remove objects on the surface of various types of oil, surface cleaning, safety, convenient use, time saving, cleaning effect, to be washed without corrosion.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid; pH value: 7 + 1;
Bouquet: lemon fragrance; detergency (%): 99.

Usage method】:products will be sprayed on the surface of the dirt or pour a little the cleaning agent in cleaning cloth or brush, then wipe clean. Spray irrigation is better. It can also be cleaned by ultrasonic machine.

Specification packaging】:25kg/ plastic barrel, 200kg/ plastic bucket.

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