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Decontamination agent

Neutral heavy oil cleaning agent [FCC-LS-06]

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This product is water soluble and environmental friendly degreasing agent. No corrosion, no burning, no chloride and organic solvent. Safe and neutral, does not hurt the hand, can effectively remove oil pollution. It has strong penetrability and excellent detergency.

Quality index】:

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid;
Odor: no odor;
PH value: 7 + 1.


This product can clean mechanical equipment and its parts; can scrub stainless steel, ceramic tile, floor and so on.

Usage method】:

This product can scrub, spray, wash and wash all kinds of oil objects. Cleaning heavy oil dirt parts, the liquid can be used according to the ratio of 1 to 3~5. The general oil pollution can be used at the ratio of 1 to 7~20.

Storage period】:store in a cool and airy place.

Specification packaging】:25kg/ barrel, 200kg/ bucket.

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