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Decontamination agent

Cleaning and polishing agent for leather

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This product is suitable for leather seats, suitcase leather, shoe upper leather, garment leather, glove leather and electrical plastic shell, and has excellent leather anti-aging properties.
Product characteristics:
The product is economical, practical, clean and polished. It is convenient and safe to use and keeps the leather surface clean and bright.
This product does not stick to the skin, can increase the leather handle, the product is soft and natural leather products, giving excellent luster, dry and wet rubbing fastness, flexibility, good adhesion and waterproof, decontamination, anti pollution performance.
Use method】:
Apply the sponge evenly on the leather surface, and then wipe it with a soft dry cloth after a little dry. After drying, the polishing effect is better.
Standard packing】:20L/ bucket.Store at room temperature and keep in cool and dry place for two years.

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