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Decontamination agent

Automotive cleaning agent, automotive cleaning agent

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With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, it has also promoted the development of car polish which is matched with automobile. According to the current automotive beauty industry demand, the development of a new type of car cleaning polish. This product selects high quality raw materials and special formula, and makes a new product which integrates cleaning, polishing and waxing. Easy to use, efficient, safe, welcomed by users.
Product characteristics】:
This product has excellent antistatic, anti aging, anti UV paint, acid rain and other effects. Safe non-toxic, easy to remove the dust on the surface of the car body stains. It can quickly and conveniently achieve the purpose of cleaning, polishing, waxing and protecting paint as a whole.

Quality index】: 
Appearance: beige emulsion liquid;
Odor: no odor;
Detergency,%: 98;
PH value (solution, 25): 7 + 0.5.
Use method】:
The sediment net, stained with a little wax polish, reciprocating rubbed on the surface of the body. Do not dry with a towel to wipe polishing paint showing luster glaze. Do not use this product when the car is overheated.
Standard packing】:25kg/ barrel.Sealed storage at room temperature for 18 months.

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