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Decontamination agent

Paint removing hand washing cream

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This product is designed for industrial use of environmentally friendly neutral hand washing cream, decontamination effect is rapid, economical and practical. It is suitable for automobile maintenance, ship, machinery, hardware, oil, mold and other related industry operators. It can remove all kinds of dirt, such as paints, adhesives, inks, tar, lubricants and so on.

Product characteristics】:

This product has strong detergency, easy to use, safe, fragrant scent, can remove a variety of dirt, no greasy feeling after use.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: light brown paste, paste evenly;
Bouquet: orange fragrance;
PH value (0.1% solution, 25 temperature): 7 + 1;
Low temperature stability (-8 + 2 24h): homogeneous paste, no crystal precipitation, no obvious segregation;
High temperature stability (40 + 2 24h): paste uniform, non segregation.

Usage method

Put a small amount of products in the palm, rub hands until the dirt liquefaction clear, and then wipe with cloth or paper towels or rinse with water.

Storage period】:store in a cool place, sealed package.

Specification packaging】:1kg/ plastic barrel, 2kg/ plastic barrel, 5kg/ plastic bucket.

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