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Decontamination agent

Waterless hand cream

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This product is especially stubborn stains, can clean up, the effect is remarkable. The finished product has no irritation, no toxicity and environmental protection to the skin, and it is safe to use and does not stick to the hand.
This product is suitable for the use of petroleum, ship, machinery, hardware, printing, mechanical repair, auto repair and other industries.

Product characteristics】:

This product has special effect, can clean stubborn oil, ink, paint, synthetic resin and adhesive, etc..

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: light brown dense substance;
Bouquet: slightly orange flavor;
PH value: 7 + 1.

Usage method】:

The goods will be taken out of 1g, rubbed on the hand, wipe the dirt with a paper towel or dry cloth wipe. Rinse better with water.

Specification packaging】:1kg/ plastic barrel; 2kg/ plastic barrel.

Storage period】:room temperature, sealed storage.

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