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Decontamination agent

Water base rust inhibitor

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Water based rust inhibitor is an ideal product for short term rust prevention between processes in steel. It has excellent anti rust and anti-corrosion effect on metal surface. It can be widely used in the surface treatment of various moulds, instruments and parts.
Suitable for corrosion protection of steel surface, keep the metal color; better than the traditional oil soluble anti rust agent, high quality and inexpensive, easy to use; the formation of the passivation films can be antirust for about 2 months, for long-term rust sealed.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid; odor: slight odor;
Specific gravity: 1.10 + 0.05g/cm3; pH value: 10~12;
Rust resistance: qualified;
Water solubility: miscible with water energy at any proportion (Shi Wen).

Main ingredients】:

Sodium salt, alcohol, EP antirust composition, stabilizer, corrosion inhibitor, film-forming agent, purified water, etc..

Usage method】:

Rust prevention pretreatment: before rust, the workpiece should be thoroughly removed oil and rust treatment, if the pretreatment is not appropriate, it will affect the rust prevention effect.
The specific process is: degreasing, washing, derusting, washing, neutralization, rust prevention, drying.
Use of deionized water for 5~15% concentration. The machine can use low-pressure Penhu jet rust, small size or shape of complex mechanical parts can be used to soak, soak 10 minutes in general. When the rust treatment, it is best to repeatedly shake the workpiece, so that the rust uniform and sufficient, the time is 5~10 minutes.
After soaking or spraying, the parts can be rust proof after drying, and the ventilation should be ensured. If the condition is available, the rust inhibitor can be heated to about 60 degrees, and then the parts can be soaked. The treated parts should be kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture entry.
The best service temperature is ~65 C at room temperature. The best service period is less than 36 months.

Application 】:

This product is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, transportation, shipping and other industries. Don't change the color, after the conductive parts rust is not affected, can continue to plating, phosphating, paint processing, without like oil soluble anti rust agent that need degreasing treatment, extremely easy to use, does not pollute the environment. The general antirust time is about 2 months, depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. If long time antirust is needed, the antirust parts can be wrapped and sealed with plastic film, and can be antirust for more than 6 months.

Specification packaging】:25kg/ plastic barrel.

Storage period】:store in shady and dry place.

Notes】:keep away from acid liquid when stored, otherwise it will affect the service life. To avoid splashing into the eyes, don't swallow.

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