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Decontamination agent

Toilet cleaner

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A novel toilet cleaning agent can effectively remove the hotels, restaurants and schools and other places of the toilet urine dirt, stain and rust. This product is also suitable for cleaning the surface of the mosaic, ceramic tile, etc..
Clean, bactericidal, and odor three in one, strong cleaning, specifically designed for toilet cleaning, can quickly understand the stains, dirt, scale, color, effective sterilization, removal of stains, odor.
The product is suitable for: toilet, urinal, sink.

Product characteristics】:

Appearance: milky white liquid
Smell: Lime
PH value: less than 1

Usage method】:

1. Gently squeeze the bottle, and spray the liquid evenly around the inside of the basin.
2. The toilet liquid flows along the inner wall of the toilet basin, so as to play a clean effect.
3, brush with light brush, rinse can be. The longer the flow time is, the better the effect is.


The product does not apply to the marble floor, terrazzo ground and anti porcelain ware.
Don't mix with other detergents.
Do not touch the eyes, skin, if accidentally touched, rinse with water immediately and see a doctor.
Keep out of touch with children.

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