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Chemical Reagents

PH reagent for water quality detection

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Over the years, people have two methods for determination of pH: one is using pH test paper, and the other is using pH acidity meter. The former fast detection speed, but the test results are not accurate and the error is large, especially to detect very weak acid buffer solution or low concentration; the latter is high accuracy, but the detection speed is slow, expensive, complicated operation, harsh conditions, inspection is not convenient.
"Jing Hui" brand pH reagent overcomes the shortcomings of the above two traditional methods for acid and alkali detection. It greatly simplifies the operation and reduces the detection cost. The effect is remarkable, and the data is accurate and reliable.

Product characteristics】:

It has wide detection value, high accuracy, excellent performance price ratio, strong demonstration, easy operation, convenient carrying, and quality certification.
The number of times available: 12ml per bottle can be used 150 times to more than 180.


The pH ranges of three pH reagents were A and 2~10;
B, 4~10;
C, 5 ~ 7.8.
A colorless transparent acid base solution with any pH value between 2~10 can be measured.

【Technical indicators】:

The buffer solution to detect very weak (more than 0.005%) and more than 0.005% acid solution concentration.

Usage method】:

3~4 drops of the reagent drops are shaken in the 50ml solution, and the solution can be halved in accordance with the need, dropping 1~2 drops reagent, according to the color of the display and color table control, you can read the pH value of the corresponding solution.

Storage period】:avoid light, closed at room temperature in the shade.

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