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Residual chlorine reagent for water quality detection

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Water quality detection residual chlorine reagent can be applied to the detection of chloride ion in water quality solution. The residual chlorine (Cl) in the range of 0 ~ 2.0mg/L was determined by this reagent, and the color reaction was obvious. According to the color of the solution, read the corresponding value on the excellent table, that is, the chlorine content. There is no need to use any instrument to assist. Intuitive and accurate, the effect is good.

Usage method】:

(1) take the 50ml solution (colorless) in the cuvette, and shake the 3~4 drops of the reagent. After the color of the dish is stable, according to the color in the dish, the color value of the measured solution is read out according to the residual chlorine color table.
(2) the use of the reagent test solution, the solution pH value must be less than or equal to 7, only the color change; such as the calibration of liquid pH value > 7, to add a few drops of reagent.

Storage period】:

Avoid light and seal in room temperature shade.

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