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Inorganic salt

Ammonium molybdate [four ammonium molybdate]

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Ammonium molybdate is a kind of salt which is composed of cationic ammonium and various kinds of molybdenum anions. It is one of the most important molybdate and also one of the most important molybdenum compounds, and has wide application fields. The varieties of ammonium molybdate produced today tend to be diversified. The solubility, particle size, thermal decomposition temperature and crystal shape of ammonium molybdate are different.
There are two varieties: ammonium molybdate ammonium molybdate, chemical formula (NH4) 2 Mo2O7 three; ammonium molybdate, chemical formula (NH4) 2Mo3O10; four ammonium molybdate, chemical formula (NH4) 2Mo4O13 - 2H2O; seven ammonium molybdate, chemical formula (NH4) 6Mo7O24 4H2O, also known as ammonium paramolybdate. It also has a variety of crystalline water forms. Eight ammonium molybdate, chemical formula (NH4) 4 Mo8O24.
At present, ammonium molybdate was used for the production of pure molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum powder. It is a precursor to the production of a variety of molybdenum processing material (such as light source, electronic materials, nuclear materials, aerospace materials, etc.) can be used as catalyst production (such as oil refining, reforming, coal liquefaction, diamond synthesis, etc.) the production of molybdenum carbide and molybdenum nitride precursor, smoke suppression agent, ceramic glaze, pigment, soap and molybdenum fertilizer.
This product is mainly used for catalyst, fire retardant oil industrial artificial wool industry; reagents can also be used as photographic, powder metallurgy, ceramics, enamel, paint, pharmaceutical raw materials, determination of phosphate, arsenate and lead etc..

Technical indicators】:

English and molecular formula: Ammonium Molybdate / (NH4) 2Mo4O13 * 2H2O.
Appearance: white or slightly yellow crystalline powder.
Molecular weight: 663.90.
Grade: Industrial grade.
Content: 98.5%
Relative density: 0.6-1.4g/cm3.
Solubility: soluble in alkali and ammonia water, slightly soluble in water. Insoluble in alcohol and acetone.
CAS: 12054-85-2.


Two A. ammonium (NH4) 2 Mo2O7], soluble in water and alkali, suitable for the production of molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum powder, molybdenum wire, molybdenum plate manufacturing and molybdenum original, are also widely used in the production of hydrogenation and desulfurization of petroleum refining catalysts, chemical fertilizer and trace molybdenum.
B. ammonium tetramolybdate [(NH4) 2Mo4O13 - 2H2O], slightly soluble in water, soluble in alkali and ammonia, for the production of hydrogenation and desulfurization of petroleum refining catalysts, trace element fertilizer, compound manufacturing ceramic pigments, pigments and other raw materials of molybdenum.
C. seven ammonium molybdate [(NH4) 6Mo7O24, 4H2O], also known as ammonium molybdate, has high water solubility. It is widely used in petrochemical catalysts, especially acrylonitrile catalyst, and also used in the production of agriculture and molybdenum metal.

Specification packaging】:

Using woven bags or fiberboard barrels (inner packing is double sealed plastic bag).
25kg/ bag, PP bag lining. 25kg/ fiber drum.

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