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Inorganic salt

Sodium molybdate

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This product is used in the manufacture of alkaloids and reagents, dyes, molybdenum salts and pigments, catalysts, and is also a metal corrosion inhibitor for the manufacture of flame retardants, rated raw materials and non hazardous cooling water systems.

Technical indicators】:

Chemical formula: Na2MoO4. 2H2O
Molecular weight: 241.95
Grade: industrial grade
Properties: white crystalline powder, soluble in water
Content: 98.5%
Heavy metal (Pb): less than 0.001%
CAS: 10102-40-6
Water insoluble: less than 0.05%

Specification packaging】:

Using woven bags or fiberboard barrels (inner packing is double sealed plastic bag).
25kg/ bag, PP bag lining. 25kg/ fiber drum.

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