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Caizhuancaiwa enhanced brightener

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Color color enhanced brightening agent is a water soluble anionic Earlystrength, air entraining type high performance cement concrete admixture. Its performance and stability have reached the advanced level both at home and abroad. The product of the color cement products have significantly enhanced, but also improve the surface brightness and color retention, can improve the mortar cohesiveness and water retention, improve product density and impermeability, enhance the compression strength and elastic modulus of concrete. This product is also suitable for preparing high strength concrete, fire resistant concrete, steam curing concrete and flowing concrete.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: colorless or light yellow viscous liquid;
Solid content: 38 + 2%;
PH value: 7~9;
Specific gravity: 1.20 + 0.5g/cm3.

Usage method】:the general dosage (using cement dosage) is 3 to 5%.

Application】:used for all kinds of color pavement brick, cement high strength cement products.

Specification packaging25kg/ plastic drum, 250kg/ drum.

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