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Concrete high range water reducing agent SM

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High efficiency water reducing agent SM is a high efficiency cement water reducing agent with sulfonated melamine formaldehyde as main component. SM product is nontoxic, non polluting and has no corrosion to steel bars. It has been widely used in major projects. This kind of superplasticizer has high water reducing rate, filling and other characteristics, can make the fluidity of concrete is improved, and is applicable to the preparation of high strength or super high strength concrete, concrete is the most excellent comprehensive performance of superplasticizer.
High efficiency water reducing agent SM can be compounded with other admixtures to make admixtures with various properties. Such as the preparation of high-strength concrete, pumping concrete, commercial concrete and so on.
In general, SM superplasticizer can be applied to a variety of cement, suitable for high rise buildings, dams, airport runways, highways, bridges, building components, cement pipes, poles and other cement products. Can greatly improve the fluidity of mortar and concrete; the air content is small, can improve the mortar and the compactness of concrete and impermeability. This product is a kind of water reducing agent with early strength and enhanced effectiveness. It can increase the strength of cement mortar or concrete by more than 30% a day, and raise the strength of 30~60% at 28 days. The annual intensity increased by about 20%. High strength concrete, flowing concrete and fire resistant concrete can be made, and the adaptability to steam curing is better than that of general water reducing agent.

Technical indicators】:

Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid;
Solid content (%):40 + 2;
PH value: 8-9;
sulfate 2-4(%);
The fluidity of cement paste (mm): 200.

Usage method】:blending use. The general 0.83.0% dosage of cement weight.

Specification packaging】:25kg/ plastic drum, 250kg/ drum.

Storage period】:1 years.

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